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Click on an image below to see why we are considered by many to be one of the premiere

High Performance Outboard Facilities anywhere!

Our 8,000 SqFt Shop has the equipment and expertise to tackle any job. From our state of the art Engine Powerhead Dyno to our Rigging department, we ensure that you will receive the Highest quality work possible whatever your needs are.

This is a Clean Shot of our Assembly Room

Works in Progress in our ASSEMBLY ROOM

Crankshaft on our CNC in the process of being lightened
2 Heads in the process of being converted to our High Compression Heads with O-Rings
Pistons Being Lightened on our CNC Milling Machine
Machining Exhaust Plate for Custom Tuner
Steel Shot Blast Cabinet
Rigging Skater with Custom Setbacks
Lightening Crank Shaft on our EDM Machine
Our Dyno Console
Engine with Custom Front on our Powerhead Dyno
Crankshaft on our Dynamic Balancing Machine
Light Weight Flywheel in Progress
Custom Tunnel Tabs
"Pour it On" in early stages of Rigging
Run of Light Weight Flywheels in the Process of Completion
Showroom 2
Showroom 3
Showroom 4
Sunnen Honing Machine
Van Norman Boring Bar
Surface Grinder
Tig Welding Area
Partial Rigging Area
CNC Programming Area
Manual Lathes
Engine Staging Area